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a red and green and yellow and purple quilt

I made the Bear a doll quilt for her birthday. She picked out the fabrics.
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a green and purple quilt with cirle-ish shapes
I finished this one last week, and one of these days I will make it over to the shipping store to find a mailing tube for it, to send it to Germany.
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I'll be showing my quilts, bags, photography, and more at Arlington's
Open Studio, October 18th and 19th from noon to 5pm. More than 80
artists and craftspeople participate in this event, all in one building, Arlington Center for the Arts -- 41 Foster Street, between Mass Ave and Broadway in East Arlington. You can also enjoy performances by local musicians and refreshments from Flora Restaurant.

More info about the event can be found here: http://acarts.org/arlingtonopenstudios.php

You can see a preview of the artists here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/acarts/sets/72157647320003776/

Hope to see you there!

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The next step: laying out my pieces.
quilt squares laid out ready for sewing: purple diamonds interspersed with a red-orange-gold gradation
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denim quilt with pockets
This quilt will be for sale in a silent auction to benefit Agassiz Preschool. The event includes refreshments, live music, and craft activities for kids, on Saturday April 12th from 2 to 5pm at 184 Summer St in Somerville.
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the quilt with the triangles arranged in light and dark stripes again
This quilt is now finished. It spent the weekend being hand-quilted by 28 people (including a 2-year-old with the help of her parents).
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many colors of fabric triangles
triangles sewn into squares and laid out to make concentric light and dark diamonds
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many strips of fabric organized by color and shade
This is for a quilt I'm working on. I've done a lot more organizing than is strictly necessary for this one, since I want it to look fairly random (as far as color and shade go) when it's finished.


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