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I posted another photoessay over at the Day In The Life LJ community.
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Happy Pi Day!
close-up of pie with interestingly stratified crust
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I got home tonight to find that my husband had baked yummy, yummy cookies. And they were still warm. Mmmmm.
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He's building a light system for his bike. This has involved countless trips to hardware stores, online purchase of battery and light bulbs, dissection of storebought electrical cables, purchase of a Dremmel and a soldering iron (useful things to have around the house, no?)... He's in the home stretch of wiring before he can attach the thing to his bike. He searched everywhere for a box of the right size and shape to house the battery and aim the rear blinky light. He sacrificed a wooden ruler because it's just the right shape for mounting the two headlights. I'm impressed with his perseverence. All this so he can continue to make the 20-mile roundtrip to work even as the year gets colder (and darker).
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We saw Sweeney Todd last night. Good show, good production. Not Into the Woods, but it has some (actually, quite a few) fun moments.

It reminded me, though, that I needed to shave. I haven't shaved in over eight years. I pride myself on being furry, as well as saving time by remaining furry. But pretty soon I will be want to wear something white and sleeveless, and at the same time to hug relatives and friends. Dress is long enough that I can leave my legs alone (yay!), but a little cloud of dark curls in my armpit would look odd against a background of white linen.

So my dear [livejournal.com profile] majordomo taught me to use his shaving cream and razor. He even had to do some of it for me -- halfway through I felt like I was going to faint. (Was it remembrance of last night's entertainment, or the change in blood pressure from holding my arms above my head?) Now I am one step closer to comlpying with the laws of fashion, and looking forward letting it grow back after the next few weeks.

This journal entry has nothing to do with Wallace and Gromit, although I do relish the British-only verbal pun of a sheep named Sean.
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Kyle and I have moved to East Arlington. In keeping with the belief that scheduling a party will induce quick unpacking, we are hosting a housewarming party on Sunday July 24th, from 2pm until we kick you out. We will provide munchies and drinks; if you feel like bringing something to share, please do, but don't feel obligated. We do have a charcoal grill which you are welcome to use, weather permitting. Children are welcome but the apartment is by no means childproof.

Please DON'T bring us any housewarming gifts, not even a bottle of wine.

Email me for directions.


Apr. 24th, 2005 11:41 pm
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Came home from a week away armed with leftovers from last night's family seder: my mom's matzah balls, Grandfather's pot roast, potato kugel, and homemade pickles. I decided sometime in the late afternoon that I wanted to make haroset and have another seder. So we walked to the grocery store and bought apples and walnuts and matzah. Kyle helped me chop apples and nuts, and he found a PDF haggadah online.

So there we were at the table with the laptop. We hit on most of the points of interest that last night's seder had omitted in the interests of time. (Even Kyle, who'd only been to one seder before in his life, realized that Grandfather had skipped the bit about Elijah and the extra glass of wine.) I even read a tradition in tonight's haggadah that I'd never heard of before -- presumably because it's a hasidic tradition -- which is that Elijah's glass starts out empty, and as it's passed around the table each person puts some wine into it, symbolizing the fact that we must work together as a community towards universal freedom.

It was a most satisfying experience, discussing the components of the seder plate and the variations in tradition from family to family, and what it all means to me. It surprised me to learn that I can actually lead a seder if I want to -- given the right haggadah and enough time to prepare, I could lead a rather respectable one!


Jan. 4th, 2005 03:44 pm
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majordomo's been suggesting and hinting for so long, I finally got impatient and said yes before he asked. Actually, I hadn't planned to do so quite this early, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a good pun:

Kyle: Would you like a hand?
Me: No. ...Would you?
Kyle: umm, no...(?)
Me: You can have my hand, if you want it.

Go ahead, dear, tell 'em that's not the way it was at all.

But then last night he insisted on driving down to Providence to ask my parents' permission. Silly boy. They said it was fine with them. In fact, Dad had put a bottle of sparkling cider in the fridge when Kyle called to ask if he could go "bother" them.
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Yesterday I went to a show at my favorite theater, Trinity Rep in Providence, which turned out to be disappointing (for aesthetic reasons, although the production was for the most part good). I'm looking forward to their "Henriad," which is in rehearsals now: productions in rep of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V. I looked at the cast list yesterday and I think it's going to be a rollicking good time.

Had planned to go to cousin Ariela's housewarming in Waltham, but discovered that (a) her new house is in Lowell, and (b) the sunday commuter rail schedule would render an attempt to get to said party absurd. So I decided I was going to just take the Red Line to Porter and walk home. [livejournal.com profile] majordomo was scheduled to fly into Logan around 6 and take a bus, a train, another train, another train, another bus, and a mile of uphill bikepath to his house, but I'd tried to leave him a voicemail earlier with no luck. I sent him an email documenting my change of plans, and figured I'd see him sometime after I got home.

So I got off the commuter train, having endured an hour of chattering college students and fluorescent lights and developed a migraine, and I was trudging along the platform when I noticed a familiar-seeming plaid flannel up ahead.

Kyle, you make me ridiculously happy!


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