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The Goodwill in Davis Square is gearing up for Halloween: this guy was manning one of the registers.

a bearded, pierced guy in a pink unicorn hoodie
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Saw this on a walk last week:
a jack-o-lantern that looks like Mike from Monsters Inc.
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So, I stopped in to Staples in Harvard Square tonight to make a few copies. It turns out that their self-service machines don't take cardstock, and the lady behind the counter told me that it would be an hour's wait if I wanted her to make nine copies for me. I asked if there was anyone else nearby who might be able to do it, and she said, "Fedex, next to Verizon, I think they do copies." I thanked her and left.

Crossing Winthrop Square, I located Verizon on Mt Auburn St, but I didn't see a Fedex. I did, however, notice a sign in a basement window: Flash Print -- and the lights were still on. I discovered that the entrance to this print shop is right across the hall from Million Year Picnic, to which I've been many times.

I went in and had a pleasant conversation with the gruff fellow behind the desk. He made a test print, then did my copies on cardstock just the way I wanted them, and then refused to take my payment for them. He asked who'd sent me, and I told the story about the hour-long wait at Staples, and we both had a laugh.
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Lucy found a bone.
cat playing with a piece of steel corset boning
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This came in the mail the other day. There was no postmark, but I can only hope it was mailed before Friday the 13th.
a pamphlet advertising Costa Cruise Lines, with a listing for the Costa Concordia
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Max poses patiently for a portrait, but he would prefer that I put the camera away and pet him.
cat on a mat
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I just spent 17 minutes on the phone with a kid who[se employer] wanted to know every last detail of my grocery-buying habits. I had answers for most of his questions -- unlike past surveys which have wanted to know about my coffee-drinking habits (of which I have none) and my movie-watching habits (of which I have precious few) and my commercial-viewing habits (which are statistically insignificant). He seemed slightly stymied by having to type "farmers' market" into the field "Where do you buy most of your fresh produce?"

For the record, I was chopping vegetables for black bean salad, so it's not like I was just sitting there as I rated the relative merits of Trader Joe's seafood versus Whole Foods'.
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The four-year-old boy next door sees me carrying a bucket of kitchen scraps to the backyard. He says, "I bet I know what you're doing! You're going to put those in the com-pile!"

Indeed: next year's garden is compiling.
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Today's town announcement email begins: "The anticipated forecast for more snow will exasperate already perilous conditions around your home."



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