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tote bag with fuchsia and olive green fabrics
This leafy fabric (the one with the dark-brown background) was another in the bundle of uglies that [livejournal.com profile] danamae gave me. Inside this bag I used another from the bundle, a beige fabric with gold printing on it, which I considered the ugliest of the bunch but I actually think it works nicely with the other fabrics in this bag.
42itous: (goldsworthy)
a pillow with a hexagonal pieced design
[livejournal.com profile] danamae showed me some fabrics that she'd been given which she considered too ugly to use. I took that as a challenge and asked if she would trade them for something that was more to her liking. Then I went about trying to make pretty things with ugly fabrics. This pillow is one of the attempts: the diamonds which make up its centerpiece are cut from a fabric which lends itself well to this kaleidoscope effect (the chartreuse fabric is from the same bundle, though I think it's less ugly).
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the quilt with the triangles arranged in light and dark stripes again
This quilt is now finished. It spent the weekend being hand-quilted by 28 people (including a 2-year-old with the help of her parents).


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