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Where I slept in 2013:

Arlington, MA
Cambridge, MA
East Syracuse, NY
Conneautville, PA
Providence, RI
Bar Harbor, ME
Menemsha, MA
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Hey you guys! Especially you guys with iPhones and iPads! My brother has written a game almost* all by himself, and it's awesome, and as of today you can buy it from the iTunes app store. It's like DDR for your fingers, but prettier. It's only $.99! ...If you're still not sure, you can watch a trailer here.

(Oh, and can I play it on your phone? 'Cause it'll be a while before it's available for my Android.)

*Mike did everything except the soundtrack, which is by a different Mike.
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a rainbow quilt with curves

I made this quilt for my daughter, using fabric contributed by a couple dozen friends and family members (in addition to fabrics I had left over from countless other projects).
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I posted another photoessay over at the Day In The Life LJ community.
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oh look, a meme!

Places I slept in 2012:

Arlington, MA
Everett, MA
Woodstock, VT
Troy, NH
Portland, ME
Somerville, MA
Foxboro, MA
Arlington, VT
Williston, VT
East Madison, NH
New Lebanon, NY
Portland, OR
Amtrak Coast Starlight
San Francisco, CA
Conneautville, PA
Greensboro, VT
Menemsha, MA
Brooklyn, NY

...and if all goes as planned, the next place I sleep away from home will be Mt Auburn Hospital, sometime in late February.
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I was here on Thanksgiving:
a government building with apartment buildings in the background
Location not identified, for the entertainment of those who enjoy puzzles (you know who you are).


Apr. 24th, 2005 11:41 pm
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Came home from a week away armed with leftovers from last night's family seder: my mom's matzah balls, Grandfather's pot roast, potato kugel, and homemade pickles. I decided sometime in the late afternoon that I wanted to make haroset and have another seder. So we walked to the grocery store and bought apples and walnuts and matzah. Kyle helped me chop apples and nuts, and he found a PDF haggadah online.

So there we were at the table with the laptop. We hit on most of the points of interest that last night's seder had omitted in the interests of time. (Even Kyle, who'd only been to one seder before in his life, realized that Grandfather had skipped the bit about Elijah and the extra glass of wine.) I even read a tradition in tonight's haggadah that I'd never heard of before -- presumably because it's a hasidic tradition -- which is that Elijah's glass starts out empty, and as it's passed around the table each person puts some wine into it, symbolizing the fact that we must work together as a community towards universal freedom.

It was a most satisfying experience, discussing the components of the seder plate and the variations in tradition from family to family, and what it all means to me. It surprised me to learn that I can actually lead a seder if I want to -- given the right haggadah and enough time to prepare, I could lead a rather respectable one!
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Ten things I've done that I don't think anybody on my friendslist has...

1) Had something I wrote criticized by Kurt Vonegut.
2) Built an Edwardian evening gown.
3) Worked for a circus (hoopdiver is the exception to this one).
4) Biked from Inman Square in Somerville to the far corner of Lexington (10 miles uphill).
5) I went up to a street performer at Covent Garden after his show and asked to borrow his flaming torches (which were still flaming). He let me, and I juggled them, and I handed them back to him.
6) Composed puzzles for a puzzle event at my college and ran the event by myself.
7) Stage-managed a show in which one of the performers had a seizure on stage.
8) I grew up in a household that didn't have a TV (again, hoopdiver doesn't count).
9) Wore my hair in braids every day for 13 months.
10) Was chased by Canada geese at Wheaton College.

If anybody matches one of these, I shall think of something else I've done that you haven't. :P
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This week and next I will not be at Diesel. ! I have been at Diesel every Tuesday since the second week of August last year.

Where am I?

I am at the National Havurah Committee's Summer Institute in New Hampshire. (www.havurah.org) I last came to the Intitute with my family when I was 14. There are a remarkable number of people here whom I know from past years -- adults who look exactly the same, and kids who have grown up. I am taking classes and listening to improvised music and discussing and drawing and playing Scrabble and making friends. At midnight I felt like sleep would be a waste of precious time.

Next week I am visiting my favorite aunt, Janet -- my mother's younger sister. I am like Janet. My grandmother and even sometimes my mother slip up and call me Janet. She's the artist in the family, and I love her and I don't see or talk with her enough.
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Today my favorite cousin became a Bar Mitzvah.

I know it's wrong to have favorites. I can't help it: John is so much like me, I see my younger self not only in his interests (mainly reading) but in the way he approaches life, with an appetite for new knowledge and a sincere compassion for everything.

John is a skilled pianist and squash player, he loves Shakespeare, he loves learning new languages. But I didn't know until today that he's also a great public speaker.

He's ridiculously short for his age (as we all are in my family), so it's hard to keep in mind how mature he might be. Picture this morning: this skinny little freckled kid steps up to the Torah, reads his portion flawlessly (and the translation more smoothly than I could have). And then he reads his prepared speech, about how the tenth commandment is the most important, because many instances of breaking all the others are caused by breaking the tenth... and I'm sitting there listening, and I'm not thinking about how cute he is, or how proud I am, or how well-structured his argument is (although it is); rather, I'm following his logic because he presents it in such a way that offers no distractions.

Johnny isn't a kid anymore, though he may still look like one -- he's a confident, generous, intellectual young man, and well on his way to being a mature adult. I am very, very proud of him.


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