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a black cat on a roof meowing at the camera
Apparently six months of climbing trees and small buildings (and getting trapped in garages) has not yet taught this one that sometimes she'll need humans to help her out of trouble. Or maybe we've been too compliant in providing said help. This occasion was no exception.
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This came in the mail the other day. There was no postmark, but I can only hope it was mailed before Friday the 13th.
a pamphlet advertising Costa Cruise Lines, with a listing for the Costa Concordia
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I borrowed my housemate's car to go get more sausage for the jambalaya, because I realized that two sausages don't feed five people. I got rock-star parking, the space right across from the door, next to the bike rack. I ran in, grabbed the sausage (they had chicken andouille prepackaged, so I didn't even have to wait), got in the express line and was back in the car in less than three minutes, congratulating myself on avoiding the rush-hour grocery crowds.

Then I forgot I wasn't driving a VW.

I was being so careful, looking out the back, not hitting any pedestrians or other cars -- when somebody called my attention to the front right corner of the car. "You broke my bike!" said a man who had just emerged from the store. He just said it, he wasn't excited or anything. He had a sexy accent.

It hadn't occurred to me, used as I am to cars that turn on a dime, that the front end of a car could move _sideways_ when all I was doing was reversing. I'd bent the back wheel of this guy's bike.

So we loaded the bike into the car, and I drove us to the bike shop, which was mercifully still open. They said they could fix the bike in fifteen minutes. I left the biker with my name, phone number, and email address.

I feel like such a shmuck. I've had such good luck with my bike -- no accidents and no theft or vandalism. And then I get in a car and wreck somebody else's bike.

As I was leaving the bike shop, I saw a cop getting ready to write a ticket -- I'd parked in a resident-only spot. I ran toward the car and the cop meandered on his way. I guess it really is my lucky day after all.


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