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what's this?
a garter snake?
We thought it was a garter snake at first, but when we tried to get it to move (because it was in a soon-to-be-driven-upon driveway), it tried to attack [livejournal.com profile] majordomo's shoe.
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What's this?
a colorful duck
I saw it keeping company with a mallard, but it doesn't look like a mallard itself.
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a black cat on a roof meowing at the camera
Apparently six months of climbing trees and small buildings (and getting trapped in garages) has not yet taught this one that sometimes she'll need humans to help her out of trouble. Or maybe we've been too compliant in providing said help. This occasion was no exception.
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gray-and-white cat napping

This is Shadow. He lives with his humans in a yellow house, but he spends his days visiting the senior center across the street. And his evenings sneaking into the public library (they shoo him out, but he keeps trying anyhow). And he makes the rounds of Town Hall too.

I went to the senior center looking for him and found him napping on the carpeting in the office. I'd assumed his motives in frequenting the senior center were altruistic, but in typical feline fashion they appear to be completely self-interested. Shadow is himself a senior citizen, and he knows where to go for sunbeams and sociable company.
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cat looking up into camera
This is Tigger, who works as Official Greeter at a pet groomer.


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