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Yesterday I went to the rally in Copley Square protesting the ban on Muslims entering the US. I didn't get to hear any of the speakers, but I heard (and participated in) the chanting -- "Love, not hate: that's what makes America great!" and "Love, not fear; refugees are welcome here!" What impressed me about this crowd was that although we were all packed in tightly, there was no pushing, just polite "can I squeeze through?"s and strangers boosting each other into trees. When a guy climbed the tree next to me, I passed him my phone and he took this photo for me -- as soon as I got my phone back, another stranger asked me to email it to him.
a panoramic image of the crowd in Copley Square, as seen from up in a tree

Here's another from later, when I eventually managed to get up onto the steps of the brownstone building (I don't actually know what the building is -- a church?). The diversity in the crowd was impressive -- someone's sign described him as a descendant of immigrants (who came over on the Mayflower); I saw Jews carrying signs saying "We've seen this before;" I saw lots of different skin colors, I saw headscarves, I saw people of all ages.
a sea of people holding signs and chanting

It was energizing. I'm ready for action (and next time I'm bringing my own sign). But for now, back to making phone calls.
42itous: (goldsworthy)
a quilt with a haphazard triangle pattern, in teals and lavenders, yellows and blues

Someone's half-finished quilt project landed in my fabric stash at some point, and I couldn't figure out how it was intended to be put together, so I did some improvising. I'm pretty happy with the result.


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